Charting your course toward the great things God created you to do

Your life story has a plot and purpose that’s part of God’s grand story, and He has designed you to play a significant role.

Dr. Bill Peel can help you find the part you’re meant to play.


It is possible to know with confidence and pursue what God created you to do. All you need is a good guide.

You’ve been following a path throughout your life. Sometimes you’ve chosen the path; other times it’s been chosen for you. Some activities have worn you out; some have energized you. In the brightest, most memorable points in your life, two paths came together: the path you were on and the path God designed you for. At those moments, your core strengths were engaged. You were using the gifts God gave you.

By helping you scrutinize these memorable experiences in your life using a proven process used for over 50 years, we can create a design profile that will help you identify what you were born to do—and love to do—not simply what you can do.

Email to schedule a complimentary conversation with Dr. Bill Peel to learn more about Compass. You’ll be glad you did.

The Compass process will help you …

  • Take a fresh look at God’s purpose and plan for your life
  • Define the dreams and potential God has given you
  • Gain clarity about a fulfilling career path
  • Sharpen your skills for balancing time, resources and relationships
  • Develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, rising above discouragement and turning dreams into reality
  • Identify and screen opportunities that come your way
  • Gain insights about how God designed family members and how this affects relational dynamics
  • Get a game plan for next steps—no matter what your age or stage in life