Carpe Mondays


If Christians are not spiritually formed for the workplace, the workplace will form them.

If you lead a church—no matter what the size or denomination—you know firsthand that equipping people to be whole-life disciples is no small task.

As their pastor, you can help them take their place Monday morning on the front line for God’s kingdom and experience Christ between Sundays. Dr. Bill Peel has the experience and wisdom to help.

What if you could …

  • substantially increase the involvement of your congregation in significant Kingdom work
  • mobilize an army of volunteers
  • equip men and women to see themselves as critical to God’s work, not just bystanders

What if you could …

  • increase overall member satisfaction with the church and increase giving (time, talent and treasure) as people become more meaningfully involved in God’s work
  • equip your congregation to intentionally engage in significant relationships with non-Christians and extend the weekly impact of your church by 25 times Sunday attendance

You can … and Bill is here to help!

“Our people were inspired and provided with simple handles for cultivating relationships with pre-Christians by serving them in Christ’s love.”

“Few people have worked harder than Bill Peel to encourage church leaders and church members that secular jobs are an important part of the Kingdom of God.”

“Churches today are filled with what the world needs most—leaders. Bill Peel gives people keen insight into the myriad of Kingdom opportunities waiting for them, not only in the church, but at home, on the job, and in their communities.

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