God's Wisdom for Business

Business done well has the power to shape the world

and bring glory to God

“The twenty-first century is destined to be the century of global business. More than any other institution, business is likely to shape the face of the world. For Christians interested in advancing God’s agenda of peace, justice, and reconciliation, a focus on business and its role in society is critical.” (Jeff Van Duzer, Why Business Matters to God).

God could have placed Adam and Eve in the midst of a highly developed world with roads, bridges, buildings, technology, and everything needed for modern life as we know it. Instead, He put us to work as stewards, developers, and co-creators with Himself.

Business plays a vital role in fulfilling God’s plan for His creation, allowing life on earth to flourish in manifold ways. God’s first command to humankind encompassed developing creation’s resources into useful products and services—which assumes an economic system that allows for goods and services to be exchanged for something of value.

If you lead a business, a division or a team, Dr. Bill Peel can help you grow a business that prospers and glorifies God. He is ready to do that in three ways customized to your needs and schedule.

How Business Leaders Bring Meaning to the Workplace

In a Cohort of Peers

Are you tired of measuring success in your business by income statements and landing the next deal? Bill will guide you through proven strategies to grow your business while re-imagining success based on personal, God-honoring values.

Whether you want to build value just to grow or prepare for exit this curriculum-driven business workshop will help you build sustainable and lasting value in the development, growth, profit and success of your business.

Using Christ’s example, Bill will help you clarify your business values and purpose and create a clear picture of success. Then he will help you map your plan with measurable and realistic targets and metrics so that you can execute a plan to see results you’ll enjoy forever.

In a Group or Personal Study Customized for Your Unique Schedule

Are you Exit Ready? One day every business owner will stand before God to give an account of what they did with their businesses. How confident are you that you will hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Growing a Business that Glorifies God is a guided study designed to help you see just how important your business is to God’s kingdom economy and how He intends it to be practiced for His glory.

Business leaders and professionals will gain a template to help them identify, define, and explore six significant opportunities God has given them to glorify Him.

While focusing on business leaders, Christians in all kinds of work and at every level of authority in an organization can use this template to consider ways to glorify God and exert significant influence.

This template can help you assess and challenge any organization, team, or division to move toward continuous improvement in God’s eyes and bless the local and global community.

Customized Coaching/Consulting

Bill has coached hundreds of business leaders and their teams—helping them grow their companies, help their employees flourish, and bring glory to God through their business practices and the products or services they provide.

“Bill knows more about business than any theologian I Know.”

“I spend the vast majority of my waking hours at work. Bill showed me that my workplace is my mission field. I don’t have to take time off and go on a mission trip 5000 miles away to be doing God’s work.”

“Through the years I have benefited greatly from Bill’s faithful advocacy and guidance.”