What God Does When Men Lead

In What God Does When Men Lead, Bill Peel proves that God has a history of taking regular guys—guys who nobody ever thought of as leaders until God got hold of them—and raising them up to lead his people. Bill provides practical, biblical ways for you to become the man and leader you’ve always wanted to be. Chuck Colson says, "This is a timely and important book for Christian men (and the women who know them)." Group study Guide available for free download.



Workplace Grace (formerly Going Public with Your Faith)

This book flies in the face of almost everything you’ve ever read or heard about evangelism. Worklpace Grace/Going Public with Your Faith won the 2004 Christianity Today Book Award and the Silver Medallion Book Award. It is written for Christians who may not have a gift for evangelism, but spend hours every day in the greatest mission field in the world: their workplace. It's a place where Chrisitans regularly interface with people who are searching for answers about significant life questions. To have an impact, they need a perspective that’s different from anything they’ve ever heard or read about evangelism. Order



Workplace Grace DVD Video Curriculum

A small-group setting provides the best environment to learn, discuss, and apply this new way of doing evangelism. In six empowering, thought-provoking sessions, Workplace Grace walks your group through a proven approach to evangelism that respects the unique relationships you have with coworkers, clients, and friends.

The curriculum is ideal for groups (large or small), Sunday school, retreats, and church-wide campaigns.

Kit includes: DVD, Leader's Guide, Video Trailer, Promotional Resources

Intended for use with Workplace Grace book and participant guide.




Workplace Grace Participant's Guide





The Saline Solution Video Series

Transform your medical or dental practice into a ministry and integrate your faith into your daily work. Based on the popular live conference, this 10-session video series combines original drama, lecture, and numerous interviews to create a truly unique learning experience for you, your colleagues, and your staff.





Living in the Lab without Smelling Like a Cadaver

You can survive and flourish spiritually during medical training! But you can't do it alone. This study of Daniel will help you shape your heart while you are sharpening your medical skills. Find out how to: 1) survive and flourish during your training; 2) stand up for what's right when everyone else is compromising; 3) influence your colleagues and patients spiritually; 4) hold up under pressure when everyone around you caves in. Plus much more!




What God Does When Men Pray

You'll find encouragement, inspiration, and practical tips on how groups of men can get together and affect their world through prayer. What might God do about homelessness, hunger, decaying family life, and the inner emptiness that pervades our society? What if a group of men decided to pray and seek God's help and guidance, in order to tackle these problems and the lost condition of our world?



Discover Your Destiny

Deep inside, most people know they were created for more than the mundane, monotonous, "everydayness" of life. Our personal dreams are often things that God wants us to pursue. By examining our dreams and aspirations against God's Word, we can discover if something we'd like to to is part of God's will and our destiny. Using the book of Nehemiah as a guide, Discover Your Destiny will help you evaluate your dreams and show you how to make them come true.



Where is Moses When We Need Him?

Bill and Kathy Peel remind parents that it's not what we provide or leave for our kids, but what we leave in them that counts. The children of Israel had Moses to teach them faith, moral values, and spiritual truths. Using the Ten Commandments as a guide, this book blends superb Bible scholarship with lighthearted contemporary illustrations to show parents how to impart biblical values to their children.



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