Growing a Spiritually Influential Congregation

Developing a truly influential congregation isn't accomplished with a weekend workshop or even a 40-day emphasis. It's the result of an on-going emphasis from church leaders. Bill Peel would like to help you equip your pastoral staff and church leaders, your workplace leaders, and congregation at large to achieve the great impact possible for the Kingdom of God.

Overall Ministry Goal
To equip members to reflect Christ in their daily work, so that people …

  • Know their calling and the importance of their role in Christ's kingdom, praying boldly and engaging in world-changing activities
  • Deeply desire to grow in Christ and serve Him in the daily activities of their lives--in their home, workplace, and community                                       Download a PDF of this Diagram
  • Will experience a deeper sense of worship by thinking of worship as a 24Seven activity
  • Think about all of life from a Christian worldview, knowing and living the Word of God in every area of life
  • Respond to opportunities for spiritual influence, expanding the church's impact in the community 25-fold*
  • Are focused more on what God is doing through them rather than what they want the church to do for them.

Effectiveness Measurements
People …

  • Express an increased sense of purpose, Christ-awareness, and desire for spiritual growth
  • Are able to articulate and make decisions based on their calling
  • Tell faith stories about their daily work
  • Are leading non-Christians to Christ and bringing them church as a result of relationships built in the course of their daily work
  • Are bringing their resources, giftedness, and influence to bear on Kingdom-extending ventures in the community

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Ten Goals to Becoming a Spiritually Influential Congregation
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