Ten Goals to Becoming a Spiritually Influential Congregation

Developing a truly influential congregation isn't accomplished with a weekend workshop or even a 40-day emphasis. It's the result of an on-going emphasis from church leaders. Bill Peel would like to help you equip your pastoral staff and church leaders, your workplace leaders, and congregation at large to achieve the great impact possible for the Kingdom of God.

Here are ten goals that a congregation must pursue to become spiritually influential in it's community.

As members of this congregation we would need to ...

  1. Recognize that each of us is called, privileged, and empowered to be Christ’s witness, and purposefully engage the non-Christians we regularly encounter, with the hope they would one day become Christ-followers.
  2. Understand that evangelism is a process, not an event, and our job is to help people take their next step toward Christ, whatever that step might be.
  3. Identify and pray for specific non-Christians in our networks, believing that God can use us to make a spiritual difference their lives.
  4. Conduct ourselves in ways that allow people to see Christ in us, building spiritual capital (credibility) with non-Christians.
  5. Redeem the time we already spend with non-Christians, watching for how the Holy Spirit might be working in someone’s life, so that we can join His work in appropriate ways.
  6. Be so passionate about helping others in their journey toward Christ that our encounters with non-Christians and stories of rescue are regular topics of discussion and prayer when we’re together.
  7. Learn to raise “faith flags” and be comfortable telling stories that bring faith into conversation naturally.
  8. Learn how to answer “Defeater Beliefs”—commonly held assumptions—that keep non-Christians from even considering a relationship with Christ.
  9. Know how to clearly and succinctly communicate the gospel message.
  10. Introduce new Christians into the church community, and use our gifts to help them continue taking steps toward maturity.